Dietz Development knows your home is where your heart is.  Specializing in home Remodeling in the DC Area since 2005, we design + build homes that are livable and loving.  


We Specialize In

Full Remodels

After almost a decade since the emergence of the Great Recession and our increased networked lifestyles, many are opting to downscale, live within compact square footages, return to urban or "urban burb" neighborhoods, and take big leaps with their home's functional and aesthetic potentials.  They are throwing out the old and reigning in the new.


Kitchens are the new oasis of the home.  With trending towards open floor plans to maximize compact square footages and home entertainment to safeguard expenses, Kitchens are becoming high tech social congregation hubs illuminated with cascades of day-lighting and celebrated with austere to visually "touchy textures" in modern classic and boutique detailing.  


Historically considered for compulsory needs, yesterday's bathroom was often an egalitarian disenfranchised zone of the home.  Well, no longer.  The modern bathrooms is a primary consideration with modern living.  These spaces have become high tech high dwelling areas that provide comfort, convenience, and valuable time savers as we get quaffed for our work and social outings.  

The home should be the treasure chest of living.”
— Le Corbusier